I am 30 years old now.

He angers us with his comments.

The dog will need to be fed once a day.


Sounds like you're having fun.

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Dear friends, just say what you need!

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It brought me down to earth.

The children are cold.

What I really want to hear about is Nguyen's new girlfriend.

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I am a boy.

Where's your shirt?

Mara went to Boston by plane.

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Excuse me. I want a book. Where is the bookstore?

I found him honest.

Bilingual dictionaries are allowed.

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He is getting far too familiar with my wife.

Don't leave a trace.

Jared is loved by all.

Her birthday party will be tomorrow evening.

Lum arrived home after dark.

Hippogriff hooves make the finest gelatin.

We could all have lunch, if you'd like.


Canadian Thanksgiving Day and Columbus Day in the USA coincide, so Esperanto speakers from both countries take this opportunity to have an international meeting.

You've got to be joking!

Dan wanted to find out where Linda had been the previous night.

The snow is very deep here in our town in January.

He was delighted at the story.

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He's my dad.

I really do have to go.

I never knew his first name.

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A minute is one sixtieth of an hour.


I'm staying put.

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Everyone laughed.

Something bit him.

Who could possibly believe this?


No. You have to buy it at the ticket office.

This pond doesn't run dry even in summer.

A clocktower is full of an assortment of doodads and doohickies.

Auto imports will take a nose-dive in the first quarter.

What have we accomplished?


The doctor told Guillermo that he needed to lose some weight.

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Jennifer is very disappointed about the concert being cancelled. She really had her heart set on going.

Don't cross the street!

That water tower holds a three-day supply.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

How do we stop Brooke?

Kiss me if you really love me.

Juri was just joking.

How did you determine this?

I will give you a ride in my car.

We're killing in the polls, we're killing in every state and if I become president - I promise you this - we will kill everybody.

Gill says he's on his way back home.

We were hoping for some time alone together.

This story is especially interesting.

Tai is a local TV news reporter.

I don't care for television very much.


There was not a weed left in the yard, nor a speck of dust on the floors, nor a single black grain or wild pea in the wheat.

Though it was snowing, it wasn't very cold outside.

I've always liked those people.

What country are you from?

An infidel's greatest defeat is ending up in paradise.

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Spyros wanted from Sofoklis more than he could provide.

What Win really wanted was some time with his children.

We can tell Robert later.


The train was crowded with high school students.


I hear that Cris hired you.

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We don't want them back.

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Rise to the occasion.


Carisa could stay with us tonight if he wanted to.

It is really wonderful.

This is highly illegal.

I changed the flag.

She inclined her head in greeting.

According to Kay, Marty killed herself.

Noemi is much a much faster runner than I ever was.

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Barton doesn't know the difference between God and the Devil.

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I have no time.


I thought it wasn't supposed to rain today.


Have you found something out?

She doesn't have any proof.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

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He is furious with anger.

For the lack of something better to do, Shannon decided to take a long walk.

They deported him.

Do you want me to come?

Robbin certainly didn't approve of the way Rafik was behaving.

What's the fastest way out of here?

The news was a blow to him.

Can you get this out of here?

Spock has worked for me for three years.

Britain began to industrialize in the late eighteenth century.

I wonder which language is spoken in Brazil?

Merril kept his eyes closed.

This is my territory.

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Know thyself.

She's a ghost writer.

"Well, I guess I'm going to get a driver's license," he answered.

Tollefsen got his nipples pierced.

Thanks for your support.


Piet and Marcel were the only ones who were saved.

You may use this bicycle for as long as you like.

Thank you so much for everything.

I can't go out because I have chores to do.

Morris was wearing gloves.

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If it is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well.

That's a question I've asked myself.

I'm going jogging tomorrow.

How do you know it's not a trap?

Don't you want to tell me anything?

Japanese sci-fi, as in anime, involves their Buddhistic and Animistic spirituality.

I cannot bring myself to do such a thing.


You're embarrassing them.

That could never happen to me.

Tell Fletcher you'd like some privacy.

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Maria knew neither his name nor his phone number.

But now Sanjay says he doesn't want to go.

You can't speak to me like that. I'm your boss.

She needed to focus on her studies.

When did it begin to rain?

Sal works in a coffee shop.

You have a sense of humor. I like that.


"I couldn't eat it", she said apologetically.


I've been in Boston since October.

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They smoke.


The Spanish voice-over was complete shit.


This news is too good to be true.

Carsten has a rash.

You need to save the princess.

When you know, let me know.

As I entered the coffee shop, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

My parents treat me unfairly compared to my sister.

You should've called Hotta.

The boy was given up for dead.

It's popular in China.


I do agree with you entirely, Sir.


I wonder if it will be nice.

I don't have much time now.

Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus.

I blame her.

We're energetic.

I'm pretty sure Rainer's bilingual.

Many years have passed since then.

What are you mad at me for?

Clifford was wed when he returned.

I love teaching kids Spanish!

I caught him by the arm before he could fall.

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It's clear that our arguments don't overlap at all.

Choose one of the following writing prompts.

The decision was easy to make.

"She's dead." "No, it's not possible!"

Keep them from eating too much.


There's a relation between knowing the context and translating the text.


Knapper can't go on.

Let me first and foremost ask you a few questions, and then we'll fix a date for the installation.

God knows where he fled.


John dropped a dish and it broke.

You seem very nervous this morning.

You always complain about the weather.