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You look pretty angry.

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This is a very good time.


These are the decisions we've made.

The odds are in Root's favor.

There's no bread whatsoever in this house.


We're going to try to find a way to do that.

My life is here.

Frankly speaking, he's wrong.

What've I ever done to you?

She lived to be ninety.

This road will lead you to the monument.

He announced the next singer.

She came back in about thirty minutes.

Dewey didn't tell you any of this, did he?

Please fill in your name and address on this form.

Why are you freaking out?


Maybe we should stop at a gas station to ask for directions.

Among these views, the second one is of importance.

Scratch a Russian and find a Tartar.


Quit bothering me.

They sell sugar and salt at that store.

I finished the work.

Let me have a look at those photos.

I help my mother with the housework every day.


I don't like that he comes to my house so often.

Sid and Hiroyuki were at John's funeral.

Reinhard is my dentist.

I want to learn how to fly an airplane.

Please don't leave us here.

Is it true that you just out of prison?

I told her to come early.

It couldn't just be a coincidence.

If you don't mind, I'd like to be alone for a while.

I hear from my mother once in a while.

Her cheeks turned red.

She loves the child as if it were her own.

I didn't say this.


"How is it?" "Well, yes ... could be some signs of dehydration."

We'll talk about this later, OK?

We came up with a better plan.

Do you have a pen or pencil?

My father has a heart of gold.

I can help Mac find what he needs.

Do not talk to others during class!


Throw the egg shells in the organic rubbish bin.

She's younger than you think.

My teacher encouraged me to fulfill my ambitions.

It feels awkward to get up and give your seat to someone on the train.

Somebody came to our house.

I can't ask her to quit.

When will the Japanese class start?


That door cannot be locked.

I think this is a good start.

We happened to get on the same bus.

Let's just leave it at that.

Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills.


If no goals are set, it's impossible to fail to achieve them.

Maybe it's his age but his opinions seem a little more grounded in experience than everyone else's.

One can't play baseball here.

I'd like to reserve a single room.

The battle of the Somme was one of the bloodiest battles in human history.


Maryland is the richest state in the United States.


One must be absolutely modern.

Leon waved goodbye and drove off.

That's the big question, isn't it?

He shaves with an electric razor every morning.

The football World Cup will be held in Brazil in 2014.

I just heard from Timothy.

You are equal to him in intelligence.

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I'll be back soon.

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These quotations were effective in sending complex messages to his friends, because, in his day, people could quote from such authors with every expectation of being understood.

Kylo depends too much on Maurice.

With the exception of him, nobody else came to the party.


Klava tames tigers.

Sanford felt deep inside that Ritchey was still alive, and he didn't give up hope to find and rescue her.

Tell me how to find her.

I am very pleased to hear of your success.

Janet tried to help me, but I told him I didn't need his help.

No one except Amir knows what really happened.

Cuckoos visit here in spring.

In the U.S., it is common to give a present, such as glasses or a coffee-maker, to the bride at weddings.

I didn't knit it for him.

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Joni is guilty.

Happy Father's Day!

I love you, sweet heart.


Sandip's mother lies awake at night worrying about him.

He has a great knowledge of the linguistic field.

Another half hour, and our master will be back here.

Look on their wall.

I like it when it's cold.


Thomas told Saul he didn't want her to go to Boston.

Happiness consists of good health.

Every man should learn how to cook.

I can't do all of this by myself.

I called them.

I don't care about your opinion.

The hair on the back of Tuan's neck stood up when he heard a strange sound coming from the room where a previous occupant had been murdered many years before.

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The bill still has to be paid today.

I am not now in a position to help you.

Matthieu paid cash.

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I went to drink a beer with friends.

We can't reveal classified information.

Every spectator buys a ticket.

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In ten years our town will change a lot.

Can I take a photo?

I paid fifty percent down for the car.

Can you do me a big favor?

She published the book at her own expense.


Blood circulates through the body.

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I'd rather die than do what you're asking me to do.

You can't just walk in here.

Everyone is looking at Lila.

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Archie says he was hungry.

Dan was disguised as a beggar.

Elric is overreacting.

I know you should feel guilty in some corner of your heart.

Was Reid funny?

Someone was coming!

Can you lean forward a bit?

Bret injured her back playing tennis.

Pieter waited outside the gate.


We have our own problems to solve.

After having fought many hard battles, we were able to bring home the bacon and set up a new government.

After a hard day's work, a man can do with a good, hot meal.

She bent down.

The duodenum is a section of the small intestine.

I haven't had any alcohol for six months.

Japan depends on Arab countries for oil.

The sun always sets in the west.

The bread is stuck in the toaster.

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Some teachers have a great effect on their students.

She is the one who took care of her wound.

Have you ever repaired a TV?

I eagerly await your decision.

I imagined my first kiss would be more romantic.

I'll give you a day to think about it.

If you see this message, write me.

We'll be here for a while.

The sky gives promise of fine weather.

We're not fussy.

Almost all the world condemns Hosni Mubarak because he made the Egyptian people poor.


Is today his birthday?


Don't worry. I'll talk to Theodore.

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I don't have time to explain it.

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We have not been able to contact anyone on our list.

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We began with the soup.

Hohn is going to get divorced.

We have room.

I am really glad to hear that you want to live in Scotland.

Maarten is sitting on the fence.


The beach is an ideal place for children to have fun.

I don't know how Spock managed to do that.

This is also my first time.


Travis tried to help Roxie up.

We're being detained.

Janice has left us forever.


Would you like to go to Boston with us?

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I need to talk with Indra.

Axel hates parties.

Have you already booked our seats on a plane?

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This work's driving me crazy.

David likes his job a lot.

Let's take a picture.