Sangho is easily startled.

Food is food.

I'll admit that.

I can't get away from the office this afternoon.


Plant trees!

Both Sergiu and Nathaniel blushed.

Where did you tell her to park?

Hon is the one who told us what to do.

Are you winning?

Antonella turned his flashlight on.

Antonio used to be neat.

It wasn't upstairs.

Mikael doesn't want to play outside today.

I lost all my self-confidence.

I don't think that's realistic.

Tommy said he wasn't concerned.

Milo isn't as old as Glenn is.

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How can we prove that?

You can't abandon me.

Jack is very mad at Jerry.

Malcolm and Alice look like sisters.

That boy doesn't eat candies.

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All the students recognized her as their representative.

Don't hesitate to ask a question if you don't understand.

I'm sorry, this is a private party.


Kyle talked with her friends about it.

She misled you.

He didn't want to part with his house.

Edmund hardly ever talks.

I'm not for sale.

How's your married life?

Elisabeth got Melinda to wash the dishes.


Joon was gunned down by an FBI agent.


Do you know which road leads to my house?


She sings as well as plays the piano.


He started for America yesterday.


Pia and Marnix have three sons and a daughter.

Does it matter to you how much it costs?

Clem is a golfer.

I really haven't thought that far ahead.

This should come in very handy.

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He became inarticulate after just a couple of beers.


Charleen looks very disappointed.

He isn't the kind of person who steals.

The plane is flying above the clouds.

He was big and slow and silent.

What are you learning from the teacher?

Do not interrupt when another is speaking.

It's awfully cold this evening.

It's working.

That feels good.

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Cristina played baseball after school with his friends.

I think a bit of anger is better for you than worry.

An organization and its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.

More than 500 baby sea turtles were released into the sea.

You're unethical.

You can't beat me.

I'll be back at half six.


He came up with many ideas, none of which were good.

Aside from him, nobody else came to the party.

The UN has made November 20 Universal Children's Day. On this date, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. In Brazil, Children's Day is October 12.

How many did you take?

One must use reason.


Coffee keeps me awake.

His wife has him under the thumb.

Sixty-four-bit software will not run on 32-bit architecture.

Barney looked at Manuel again.

My neighbor is having some work done on his roof starting tomorrow, so he came to let me know about it. "There might be a lot of dust, so I apologize beforehand. Thank you in advance."

The mother sponged her sick child's face.

Have you told anyone about the surprise party?


Where have you been up to now?

Joyce is trying very hard to get that done before 2:30.

There's nothing wrong with Vassos.

Since it's written in easy English, even you can read that book.

There is no single room available at present, I'm afraid, but you could have a double room at a slightly reduced rate unless you want two breakfasts, of course.

Save Sandip.

Sal's not my name.

Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas.

I really like this story.

How beautiful a declaration of love!

Lois changed into his swimsuit.


Lar stopped talking when Roxie opened the door.

Manolis and I rarely agree on anything.

You're not mad at me anymore, are you?

I'd like to make an appointment with Dr. King.

That accident is a good example of his carelessness.

Earth is the only inner planet in our solar system that has liquid water on its surface.

Will you please watch your language?


Why did you have to go?

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Ramesh knows he shouldn't have said that.

I kept my end of the bargain.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Pieter locked himself in his room and won't come out.

Father lost his job.

He worked day and night; otherwise, he wouldn't fulfill his mission.

Gabriel said we needed to leave at once.

My brother seems to enjoy himself at college.

Just watch me.

If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do.

Fabien has a lot of good ideas.

Jean-Christophe didn't even offer Jenine a cup of coffee.

Rand had an ultrasound to find out the sex of her and Lievaart's unborn baby.

Is French your language?

Barrett is upset because Jeany has been ignoring him.

I love my home.

Come back here, you coward!

I think maybe Lance needs me.

"Thoughtfulness" is a long word in English.

Where can I get the map?


I was in China last year.

Oneself decides whether it is important.

George sat reading a book.

The economy is picking up.

You're lucky to have such a good job.

Shankar is a tough cookie.

Seymour is a practitioner in the black arts.


Spring is my favorite season.

The resources of the earth are limited.

If the tip was a dime in one glass, the waitress, in her haste to get the table ready for the next customer, would pick up the glass, the water would spill out, and that would be the end of it.

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I'm going to think about it.

Penny said he was going to kiss Dorian.

He said that he would come back here tomorrow.


I saw the boat sink.

Gather, maiden, roses, while the flower is new and new is youth, and be mindful that your time hurries thus.

Why would someone kill them?


He grew up with his parents.

Now just do it.

I don't like the heat.

I will let myself loose.

I'm having lunch.


I've never liked that girl.

She is old enough to know better than to expect too much of her parents.

A long tongue is a sign of a short hand.

Our relationship is stable.

Don't tell anyone about this.

The situation is extremely volatile.

This type of thing happens all the time.


I'm tired of watching television.

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Would you have travelled by train if the bus came near your house?

Hi, guys.

I sometimes wonder who's really in charge here.

Do you want something to eat before your meeting with Cristopher?

King Suleiman was known for his wisdom.


Graham had a sealed envelope in his right hand.

Would you pass me the cream cheese, please?

We talked about what we could do.


I didn't feel her presence.

May I speak to Bill?

Gregg came half an hour late.

You probably think this is stupid.

I was marching around the school.

The baby was in a deep sleep in his mother's arms.

She's in high school, but her boyfriend is in college.


Al and I are well.

We should ask her.

A parrot can imitate human speech.


Today we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Esperanto!


I can't think of anything that would help.


I had a seizure.

It was a foul play.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning.


Students are supposed to turn in reports at the end of the school year.

This fabric stains easily.

I saw my friend to the station.

Ten policemen were assigned to patrol that area.

I've lost my ticket.