Thanks for not telling Kyu what happened.

Give the flashlight to me.

Galen is a World War II veteran.

How long have you been studying French?

The elected members of a party will often meet in a private caucus to agree on a unified response to proposed government legislation.

She is convinced of my innocence.

Ursule asked for a pay raise of 5 dollars and 65 cents an hour yesterday.

What a ridiculous concept!

Isn't that great?

Martin is a well-adjusted, happy child who relates well to her peers.

She walked side by side with me.

They were the native New Zealanders before the Western people came.

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He threw a stone at the dog.


The lumber is still green.


The constituents of a word salad are neither random nor unrelated, but connected by a net so torn that only detours remain passable.

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He helps those who have hardships in their lives.

Where do you park?

I see the tower from my house.

There may be microscopes involved, bringing us ever closer to the heart of the matter; but even microbiology is objective, adding to knowledge by putting space between an object and its observer.

Sherri often walks around the house without any clothes on.

We're just about ready to leave.

It's unusual for this brand of soap not to make suds well.

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He appeared thinner every day.

So, are you going to help me fix this or not?

Vick doesn't think that would be good.

They lunched on sandwiches and coffee.

My neighbor is planting new grass in his yard.

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It blew my mind.

I don't have any plans to do that.

Isaac doesn't know Nelken's phone number.


They trust us.

The cannon! They're loading the cannon! Why? Ah! They're going to shoot! Pick up speed - one, two, one, two!

Why do you want to see him?

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Children depend on their parents for food, clothing and shelter.

He needs to answer the question.

Nearly all siheyuans had their main buildings and gates facing south for better lighting, so a majority of hutongs run from east to west.

This is an argument material to the question in hand.

The woman in a red dress ignored the black-clothed man and called a friend on her mobile.

I felt like a big fool.

The young girl sighed.

I've completely lost interest in this.

Something did happen.

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Anyone can tell the truth, but only very few of us can make epigrams.

It is uncertain whether he will agree or not.

Don't you believe in miracles?

Electing to upgrade the computer lab, the university library went slightly over the budget.

We spend too much time talking about things that don't matter.


Please tell me what I should do.

Where did you bake them?

Anne didn't need to buy that book.

You're not my mother.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

I know you feel lonely.

We'll be home tomorrow night.

I'll give you a day to think about it.

The newspapers didn't publish anything.

Who are the people I saw her with?

That's what works.

Can you explain that?

You can't eat just one.

Spass keeps a black cat.

The doctor recommended that you should give up smoking.

Did Kirsten come?

I begged Arnold to help me.

First the immigrants, then you. Our solidarity - the answer to social cannibalism.


I can't speak French well.

Did you find my phone in the meeting room?

What's happened to us?

Which one is correct?

He will certainly be punished.

I want to thank them.


Sridharan is going on a picnic tomorrow with Caroline.

"Where are my glasses?" "Where you left them."

Woof, woof, woof!


Do you need an ambulance?

Where was the mistake?

She fried an egg.

I regret that I can't help you.

Memorizing the order a deck of playing cards is definitely not easy, but it's not impossible.

Everyone ought to be the master of his own destiny.

He was made captain.

Rick wore a vest.

I do not want to exert myself in vain.


Mom baked a cake for my birthday.

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Have you learned the number by heart?

Coal and natural gas are natural fuels.

I didn't read the paper, but I read the abstract.


Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Somebody cut the brakes.

Van ditched Stewart in the park.

Don't look at Eli. Look at me.

Lars was outstanding.

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He is lavish with his money.

They're dying.

I have to learn.

I know that Christie went to Harvard.

Do you know what his name is?

I'll try to keep up with her.

That would be nice.

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I want to thank you for everything you've done.

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I guess you know who I am talking about.


The policemen said to them, "Stop."

Mother was surprised at the news.

Where could the cat be?

Their argument seemed endless.

You seem troubled.


Do you want to spoil the best moment in my life?

How badly they ski!

I did something I regret.

We don't have a chance.

Many people in the world still live in poverty.

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I told them I was married.

Please feel free to ask a question at any time.

What kind of music do they play?


Astronaut Ed White performed the first American spacewalk during the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965.


They prefer green apples.


People can easily start loving, but not so easily stop.

I have some advice for you to think about.

Clarence brought dinner.

Sigurd often cuts class.

Have you ever added an article to Wikipedia?

Sato's high voice and mannerism are pretty effeminate.

Are you underage?

I'm the happiest man in the world.

Prices have been rising.

Can we have a menu, please?

It's beyond me why he continues to be so upset.


I see you've got a new hat.


It's time to go now.

My brother helped me with my homework.

I haven't yet read the new memorandum on internal security.


I've never seen him around here.

It is wrong to divide language into "living" and "dead".

Smoking is not allowed here. Please feed your cancer outside!

Live within your means.

I don't believe in any of that garbage.

Are you coming to Rio for the Olympics?

I'll do it right away.

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Hector begged me to let him go home early.

I bet I can do better than him.

That's what they paid for.

I would rather have been born in Japan.

Both the parents are still living.

Mezian is writing a sentence on the whiteboard.

Jorge needs to be in Boston by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.

There is a red rose in the pot.

He quarrels with every person he knows.

Write the amount on the check in words as well as figures.

I can't detect any pattern.

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Jose is clearly lying.

Samuel opened the door and stepped inside.

Edgar didn't hesitate.

Put the books in the bookcase.

You must be back on Sunday at the latest.

The box was so heavy that the old woman had to help to carry it home.

Clark could probably tell us why.


She has forgiven him for everything.


Maurice is street smart, but not book smart.


Roxane took your brother to the zoo.

I saw them trip and fall.

This book gives a blow by blow account of how the banking system is ruining our financial security.

I think it's great that you got that job.

Tad seems wise.

Boyd is unsophisticated.

She studied the Bible.


Panzer showed Dorothy pictures of his children.