I almost forgot that it was his birthday.


Sridharan will need to wait here.

It had been very costly in lives, money, and supplies.

A theocracy engulfed the supernation and authorities forbade spaceflight for generations.


The activities of the volunteer group covered half a century.

I don't know if she wants to go with me.

You don't want to be an editor?

One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is pathological attention to detail, so I feel comforted when I forget a few commas.

This book should be read with diligence.

Billie is nearly blind.

Nobody will ever replace you.

He built a kind of house using branches.

This is the first time I've ever got into a mosque.

John had been lazy before he met you.

You seem to make friends easily.

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I like to play music with Janet.


This book is my father's.

We can't protect Angela indefinitely.

I have been to America twice.

Wendi looked upset.

How energy efficient is that?

I need a ladder so I can get up to my roof.

I lose things all the time.

What happened freaked him out.

Connie lives in a flood zone, but he doesn't have flood insurance.


I don't know if Mayo is dead or alive.

I'm only here to help him.

I laughed so hard that I cried.

Are you sure you want to do this by yourself?

For living the good life, the Germans say, "to live like God in France".

I'm not tired yet.

I want you to help me this afternoon.

I've never enjoyed flying.

I'll deal with these later.

Ima forwarded the email he received from Johann to John.

The telephone was silent.

The aircraft began to taxi to runway 4.

Loukas felt very uneasy about not telling her parents that she was pregnant.


Mrs. Lark played the piano and the children sang.


Are you spending Thanksgiving with Emily?

I can't predict what might happen.

She misses Boston.

The story has been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth.

Look, I told you Farouk is a friend of mine.


I contacted her.

My land abuts on the river.

Did I do something to make Cecilia angry?

I had a pretty happy childhood.

I'm trying to be cautious.

You're unfriendly.

You don't have to be so sarcastic.

He went and got all of us bus tickets.

Another problem concerns the gym equipment.

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Bilal is a person of knowledge.

Won't you sample some of my wine?

Thank you, my child.

Dogs like playing with other dogs.

My family's well. And how about all of yours?


That's perfect.


Chuck doesn't want to wear out his welcome.

You didn't want me to starve, did you?

I really want to get something to eat.

Hillel was incredibly lucky.

He's right behind you.

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I don't believe everything Floria tells me.

Now wait a minute.

Which is the highest mountain in Japan?

I'm glad that you could make it.

The man enjoyed his bath, slept soundly, and set off early next morning.


I can't leave him there.

What more can you give that I haven't already got?

I prefer to go barefoot in the house.


I need more information.


The hill lay covered with snow.


Are you telling us you suck?


It's not how I want us to be.

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I have enough money to buy this book.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

The accountant was blamed for the mistake.


The other girls teased her about her clothes.

I know a man you used to work with.

Price's room was pretty clean.

A talking dictionary is no longer a fantasy.

You're a pathetic loser.

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I am to go to Paris.

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Killing him is the easiest solution.

My boss would not let me leave work early.

I don't have a suit.

Show this gentleman to the front door.

Is there a place I can smoke?

I need this room completely cleared as soon as I arrive.

Can you believe this is actually happening?

He was wasted away by illness.

This is a really bad time.

We're all working together.

I've bought a gift for Emily.

My father died, leaving a large sum of money.

He's been divorced for 2 years already.

We washed them in salty water.

This might not be illegal, but it's unethical.

A fever would have done as well as a cross, if there was any occasion for either.

She seemed disappointed at the result.

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Can you tell us about him?


It wasn't his idea.

The French are better lovers than the Germans.

You are too, son!

You are fantastic.

Walt Whitman is my favorite American poet.

He was very well known.

I hate to complain.


Ray should've been a lawyer.


We put sugar in our tea.

I'll be staying at Arthur's.

I don't know when the husband called.

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Let's not discourage them.


Are there taxis around here?

You will exist but you will never know what it is to live.

Antibiotics are a cure for infection.

I didn't recognize Marguerite.

Nicolas is in want of common sense.

She resolved to work as a volunteer.

They say that you never get over your first love.

My brother built a new shanty for ice-fishing.

We were having a few problems a while ago.

She looked out through the hole.

Guido didn't want to be a lawyer or a doctor.

Hey, you're not Brandon.

I hardly knew you in high school.

I don't know anything about what happened.

Marci really needs help now.

If I were a boy, I think I could understand.

His true colors are coming out.

Describe that accident in detail.

She shuddered at the thought of the accident.

The house by the lake is mine.

Why did you call me at this unearthly hour?

Darryl paid.

"The day pulls to a close" is a barbarism, possibly entirely opaque if you fail to recognize it as a translation of "The day draws to a close."

Yesterday I saw him walking through the city.

Byron has something to discuss with all of us.

One of the tigers has escaped from the zoo.

Do not obtrude upon her sorrow.

Should we go to the mall?

Does what Nicholas said make sense?

The rains ruined the harvest.

The wind is howling.


The nurses turned the patient regularly in order to prevent bedsores.

Lightly weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 20 minutes then drain.

Are you going back now?


My opinion differs widely from yours.


There is a good chance that taxes will increase.


Get a job!

Can you guys tell us where we are?

This is a small tribute to all my teachers.

My father taught me the nuts and bolts of gardening.

Could you have done it?

How many volcanoes are there on this island?

You saved my life.

I might not have told them that.

I've been banned from the art room.


I've seen a lot.


I'd like not to do it.

In this world, it's easy to lose oneself in all the deceptions and temptations.

You are supposed to come in person.

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My mother is laid up with a cold.