The BeanStalk

Committed to building employable skills and community


The Beanstalk is a system which encourages people to give their time and skills to others in return for credit. The system works on a token economy. This is a new type of value which can be used for social change. Instead of one to one trade people pay forward their own skills and abilities to others.


What we offer

Low Risk

Gain resources and skills with little to no risk and less waste.


Find a range of personalities, without the stress of finance or need to build connections to obtain resources.

Low Stress

Find work or workers without the stress of having to put yourself "out there".


Find purpose, and the ability to collaborate and pursue your passions in a sustainable way.

Funded by Credits

Projects can be funded by credits. You can access higher lending limits as you progress.

Calendar Integration

Calendar integration is provided for bookings of skills and time.

How It Works

Gamify Your Skills

Receive awards and badges for helping others with your specific skill. After you help someone they have the opportunity to endorse you by rating your skill.

Market Your Skills

Individuals are able to leave comments under a users profile that they have had an interaction with and rate them based on their performance.


Take the Skills Quiz

Our community ensures you have a place to share your skills, hobbies and talents in a safe and risk-free way. Find out what you’re skilled in.

Skills Agency

We find work for high performing skills. Improve your rating on our platform by continuous providing people with your skills, once you reach a certain threshold you will be given the opportunity to become a client for our skills agency.


The Beanstalk platform allows you to pay forward your skills in exchange for token credit. You are able to continue doing what you love and gain amazing expertise through this growing community.  

Get What you need by doing what you love

Start conversations, propose exchanges, and join our community! 

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