There are huge snakes on this island.

Why are you studying Italian?

I am tired because I had to study for this exam last night.

I refuse to help.

I don't care about being cool.

He did a pretty good job.

Stay with me for a moment.


How could that happen to Christophe?

How did Lui talk Wilson into that?

I did what I had to do to find you.

Hirotoshi called the students back into the room to tell them about the plane crash.

Norman laughed politely.


The boy has been sleeping for ten hours.

The population of China is 8 times that of Japan.

Bear these rules in mind.

Vicki began to shoot.

Liber never bothered to tell Hunter that he wasn't going to be there.

Barton started learning French last year.

A puppet does not know that it is being controlled.

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A mouse came into the room.

It wasn't always this way.

I couldn't keep her away.


I will take such action as seems necessary.

You really should've let me call a cab.

Who is your girlfriend?

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It's your duty to finish the job.

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He was a fresh face in American politics.

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Usually Saiid gets whatever he wants.


Perhaps I should let you rest.

I could really do with a grilled chicken right now.

I know what you were thinking, because I was thinking it, too.

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That's why we didn't tell Marsh.


I'd like to order a pizza.

I am running to the station.

Maybe it's not as hard as it looks.

Who'll take care of the dog while we are gone?

They have nothing against it.

Nhan said he'd help me get what I need.

What's in the garage?

He has a fair skin and hair.

The crowd is going nuts.

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Everyone waited.


In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is stressed.


I dream about Marika almost every day.


Flowers are always acceptable.

Do you like tea?

I'm getting curious.


Suresh got Marnix some chocolate.

It is hard to define "triangle."

If possible, I'd like to travel around the world.

Lucifer was in jail at the time.

Can you tell me where I might find Juliet?

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Let her come.

Wade told me to do it, so I did it.

Don't stop on my account.


Can you go to the office by train?

He is not much to look at, I guess.

Cecilia never stopped.

My relationship with Tony has lasted twenty-five years now, and I don't know whether to end it next spring or not.

She was a tall, thin girl with long, soft brown hair.


You can do whatever you want.

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Does Corey understand what's going on?


My father hates the summer heat.

What did that mean?

Can you see it?

Their friendship quickly turned into love.

Where are the parking meters?

I think it's over.

Hey boys, what's up?

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I used to think that witches were real.

The meter of this poem alternates between seven and five morae per line.

I've been searching for you.

You can't pull the wool over my eyes.

I didn't know you were married.

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She traveled all the way from Algeria to testify.

The game ended in a draw, and the final score was 2-2.

It has already been sixty years since our school was founded.

I just cut my nails.

I've always wanted to study French.

I like fruit such as grapes and peaches.

I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have come here.


I get a physical examination once a year.

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Don't try to carry too much.

Let's put Sam's name on the list.

How many volunteers did you find?

He feels the cold very much.

You have an assistant, right?


Rebecca assured me that he would be here in time for the opening speech.

It was not until yesterday that I heard about the accident.

Juergen is so much faster than me.

Let's just go.

What are you selling?

It made no difference.

A strange atmosphere surrounds the visitor in this room.


The vagina is a muscular tube.

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Where is a public telephone?


Kitty told me he was Canadian.

Mummy and I moved into the hall.

I had a seizure.

I really enjoyed it.

I don't want to hurt your feelings.


Mr Yamada, there's a call for you.


He lowered the curtain.

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I had to shoot my horse.

He didn't have the decency to admit that he was wrong.

Use your instincts.

Why aren't you in your uniform?

I prefer relaxing to working.

I wasn't punctual.

I think you've been here before.

She spends over a third of her time doing paperwork.

Hippopotamuses are agressive and unpredictable.

Not at all.

I am learning in a classical school.

I have to explain this to them.

Vivek disobeyed a direct order from a superior officer.


I want to show you something else.

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Kevyn has tiny hands.


I hope Tal does that.


We were the two tallest guys in our school.

I'm just here to help them out.

June came to visit us three days ago.

Then he remembered what the Princess had told him.

We've got a situation here, you know.

It's nice you found a girlfriend.

We're in deep shit.


She is a fluent speaker of English.

He looks like a completely different person to what he was before.

He is capable of stealing.

I thought Arne was wrong.

I have what you're looking for right here.

Jarmo died three months before he was set to graduate.

Kristi must've left it around here somewhere.

My eyes feel irritated.

Sometimes we need to look back to know where we are going to.

His analysis of the causes of the uprising was correct.

There is a path through the fields.

The gorgeous cake made my mouth water.

There's no point arguing with Vladimir.

Everyone except me was invited.

Everybody has to die one day.

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Vilhelm would do whatever it took.


My jeans shrank in the wash.

They denied her any help.

Please take me home.

I've always played with my brother.

Jesus and Torsten are cleaning up.

I don't know why it took me so long.

They go to the movies together once in a while.

It's really unfortunate.

Claude looks very pretty today.

I lost track of the time.

I read the entire works of Milton over the holiday.

I'm pretty happy with it.

I bought some stuff.

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We were proud of him.


There are five apples in this box.

We'll employ a new tool to increase productivity.

I finally gave up.