Today, credit card users can easily get several dollars when they obtain a new card. One survey revealed that about 25 percent of credit card users obtain new cards just to enjoy sign-up bonuses. Since there many credit card options, it’s not easy to find the most appropriate card with a lucrative bonus. In most cases, cardholders get bonuses as cash, but the bonuses could be awarded as points and miles. We decided to gather information on more than a hundred US-based cards and their bonuses. The following cards offer generous sign-up bonuses.

Things to Bear in Mind

If you would like to apply for a new credit card hoping to enjoy huge bonuses, you have to consider a number of factors before the application. The first important factor relates to the brand. It is important to choose a different brand in order to be eligible for a bonus. For example, if you happened to open or close the ThankYou Preferred card or Citi Prestige card in the last 24 months, you won’t qualify for the bonus if you apply for ThankYou Premier. You should also know that the waiting period could turn into months even when you reach the card’s spending threshold.

Another important thing is the fact that bonus sizes can change. Lastly, you should avoid the temptation to apply for cards, collect bonuses, and cancel just to avoid paying the annual charges. Such actions might get you into trouble when applying for mortgages and new cards. In addition, you are likely to have a lower credit score.

The Top 4 Credit Cards with Signup bonuses currently are :

1 Wells Fargo Propel

Wells Fargo Propel is also a newly revamped card offering 30,000 points to users who spend 3,000 dollars within three months. In total, users get 300 dollars as donations, cash back

2 Savor Rewards

This revamped credit card offers bonus cash worth $500 within three months for purchases worth $3,000. It’s a lucrative offer compared to other cash back offers, which are usually between 100 and 200 dollars. 

3 Chase Ink

Users of the Citi ThankYou Premier card receive 60,000 points within three months on purchases worth $4,000. This is equal to $750 on flights since one point is the same as 1.25 cents when converted to airfare. Partner rewards programs allow users who transfer point to get a higher value. The card comes with an annual fee of $95 and its variable APR is 16.24-25.24.

4 Citi Creditcard

In most cases, business cards offer lucrative credit limits as well as larger sign-up bonus offers. Users of the Chase Business Preferred get 80,000 points for spending 5,000 dollars on purchases within three months. They also receive a bonus worth 800 dollars and points increase by 25% if the card is used on travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal.