Since you're here, we might as well begin.


I really am interested.


You're a menace.

How much do these two honey doughnuts cost?

That's the book I told you about.

Don't get carried away.

I wrote him a letter and asked him to return home soon.


People in Brazil were proud of him.


None of us have met her.


I love pizza with cheese.


They all have kids.

Let's do it ourselves.

I wouldn't be able to do that.

In the U.S., it is common to give a present, such as glasses or a coffee-maker, to the bride at weddings.

It makes no difference to me whether she is rich or not.

One of the dogs started barking.

Anything you say may be held against you in a court of law.


I want to be careful.

Claudio seems to be acting a tad foolish today.

How far are you from here?

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I remember my childhood clearly.

Travis is afraid of showing his feelings.

I owe it to my mother that I was able to overcome my difficulties.

They're a couple of hippies.

Your suggestion weighed heavily in this decision.

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Esperanto is surely an enormous waste of time!

She was visibly afraid to be here.

She is running outdoors.


Do you drink diet soda?

The butcher ground the meat.

I'm not quitting now.

I'm really happy about your father.

Nathan showed me a drawing he did of Annard.

The baby is fast asleep.

I am only a man.


Gregory wasn't satisfied with the pay he was getting.

Who can say what we did is wrong?

I had a premonition that I would never see Grace again.

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In the special forces, they also teach you how to eat shit and how to love eating it.

Do you really want to vote for Spencer?

We're learning Chinese.

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I think I'll snooze for a while.


Not even our fingers look alike.

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Ask her.

He stretched out his arm for a magazine.

What else do you know about that?

I was about to leave when you came in.

She is even more beautiful.

Give me a cut, wash and dry please.

I feel so much better.


Clarity comes first.


I have a secret.


What is the fuel mileage of this car?


I need you to help me take care of Knute's kids.


This rice is sticky.

We have two tall players in our baseball team.

Do you like tofu?

I hope to be engaged in the export business after graduating from college.

Why are you wearing a sweater?

Smoking has affected his lungs.

Wes's wife's pregnant.

Why do you not call her up?

Mechael doesn't know when it'll happen, but he's pretty sure that it will happen.

The murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

The evidence is clear.


What did you eat in the afternoon?


How long are they?


The teacher collected the papers.

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I shouldn't have backed down.

I followed him into the kitchen.

I always buy expensive items on credit.

I know!

The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.

He awaked me early in the morning.

The company is equally owned by the two groups.

I've visited many countries, but I like Japan best of all.

I pointed out that he was mistaken about the matter.


He lives close by.

I'm not going to let you go to the dance with Leila.

A clove cigarette miasma made navigating the pub like swimming underwater.

My car was stolen. It's no longer where I parked it.

Mann's resting.


Walt told me to do whatever I want to do.

Give me the ball!

Susumu is interested in fossils.

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He worked hard yesterday.

Very good, but you're capable of doing better.

Who listened?


I'm going to take care of you.


Do you dare or not?


Liz slept without a blanket.

Neal often talks to his dog.

I don't know when my mother will be back.

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Our house is nice, but I still miss the old one.


Sarah's a bright boy. He catches on very quickly.

Work hard, and you will succeed.

Let's eat our food before it gets cold.

He is allergic to house dust.

Who's that there?


Honzo is fishing now.


It smells bad.

Waiter, I'd like to order.

I have a feeling I'm going to really like living in Boston.

I have two tickets.

Let's find sentences with new vocabulary on this topic, add them to the following list: _____; and translate them.

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Do what Judge says.

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I'm quite certain that's the truth.

The locals call this river the "man-eater" and fear it.

I can't get this door opened.

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He rarely went there.

I'm suffering from chronic constipation.

Annard went out to get lunch.


Jupiter is a big planet, right?

I think Gregory is exaggerating a little.

I'm miserable here.

Shahid hasn't yet given up hope.

Johnston decided to surrender.

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I want to speak to you for a moment.

On August 19 2013, the Hurricane Sandy Task Force delivered a rebuilding strategy that is serving as a model for communities across the nation.

I look like an old peasant.

Sandra grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

The mere sight of a dog made her afraid.

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Alesszia doesn't speak English.

Blake wants you to help him wash windows.

We want to clean up our city.


You'll love this.

The benefits are real.

I didn't believe that Sue would do it.


I hate my neighbor.

The house was in poor condition.

What Harmon did was incredibly stupid.


It just so happens I do know where Joni is right now.

My mother would turn in her grave if she knew I had married an *.

It's unlikely Perry will be here on time.

Is there any way I can blame this on you?

Dani's heart was filled with sorrow.


A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

I gave up on Christopher.

Beth has never kissed Saumya.

Colin did what I wanted him to do.

You're in serious danger.


I know who took Marci.


She got me by the hand.

Did anybody see us leave?

I think I've answered all your questions.

He does not believe in evolution.

I don't want you even thinking about it.


This attitude is disrespectful to a woman of your age.

I didn't know anyone else was awake.

I'm not going to turn Jeannie in.

The people will presumably elect a new ruler.

There was a time when I listened only to this songs continuously for days.