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"Vietnam--The Helicopter War"

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"That which does not kill us
makes us stronger."
Welcome to my humble web waystation. A haven for rotorheads.

Through these tent flaps--forgive me as I revel in the agony of tortured metaphors--the chopper cognoscenti can unwind. The, er, Hub is a series of photographs from the Vietnam War. Winged Warriors of Death rain down from the skies mounted on rotored steeds, to smite the enemies of goodness.

Hear the thunder! Hear me retch.

Forget Hollywood's square-jawed equestrians and their aluminum-alloy steeds, rotored or otherwise. Warfare is about people, and the people here are playing for keeps. Likewise the photographers with no time to compose the perfectly-balanced, delicately-lit, award-winning shot. This is brutal, unstructured, politically incorrect honesty.

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