I've been trying to figure out where Syun hid the money.

The library is in the middle of town.

This book was very interesting.

The Irish girl, who is writing in Irish, is a writer.

I injured myself with a sharp knife.

Neil would just like to talk.

I had no choice but to throw him out.

I always wash my clothes on week ends.


Tell me what else is on your mind.


That big pot is on the kitchen table.


I cannot understand this passage from the Bible for the life of me.

He is from this town.

We import tea from India.

Sandra and his wife are from Boston.

That's really annoying.


There's something I've been wanting to ask you.

He gave me a piece of friendly advice.

Put the egg into boiling water.

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According to me we can do that.

The last shred of hope had vanished from her heart.

Willie stomped her foot angrily.

I'll have to stay here for the night.

Would you like to go for a walk?

Time is up. Hand in your papers.

"Whose pencils are these?" "They are Walt Disney's."


We've been delayed by a traffic jam, so we'll need to hurry.

Don't let it go to your head.

He forgot buying a present for her.


This is a hospital.

Do you think you're bigger than Syun?

The keys of the piano are yellow due to age.

Vince and Blake have been in the next room talking for quite a while.

The office was full of activity all day.

You cannot translate the sentence word-for-word.

Do you think you can help us?

Rusty is very self-conscious.

This book seems easy to me.

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How blue the sky is!


How can you trust him?

It's food.

I don't like my hair at all.

We were totally exhausted from the five-hour trip.

Excuse me. Is the supermarket open?

Did anything happen while I was gone?

I know how it works.

I went out to find food.

The cows are eating grass.

It is difficult to give up a long love suddenly.

There were no signs of life on the island.

"Nah, I wouldn't say anything to a guy like Willie." "That's right. Why would you say anything to a blabbermouth like him, of all people?"

We worked really well together.

You broke your promise.

Great pains but all in vain.


How long is a class?

The museum is open from Monday to Friday.

I'm glad to see you're doing better.


Isn't Son a little old for you?

The First World War began in 1914 and ended in 1918.

Markus took off his hat and bowed.


Ramneek said he liked the movie.


Their food ran out.

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This book is selling like hotcakes.


He is a plucky guy.

She loved the apartment.

I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.

I know that I haven't been a very good father.

The sun creates the heliosphere by sending a constant flow of particles and a magnetic field out into space at over 670,000 miles per hour. This stream is called the solar wind.

I don't like being judged.

Should I drive on the way back?

It's immoral.

He tried in vain to convince them of his innocence.

He thought her very charming.

That plan can hardly be improved upon.

The economic strength of the USA is not what it was.

I grew up in the mountains.

Did the police ever question you?

Why did you steal your grandmother's jewelry?

You don't know when Tigger will come, do you?

She tried hard, but she failed.


We wanted to talk about her.


Pantelis isn't in his right mind.

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Hmm!! This is good!

There are over 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

I don't like this at all.

I thought you said nothing happened.

Roxanne has had a cold since last weekend.


The Bermuda Triangle is a sham.

My mother is Greek.

You owe me a lot.

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I don't want to get bogged down in details.


Is that a fact?

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Could you give me a hand with this thing?

I want a full report before 2:30.

Have you talked to him recently?

Christmas shopping is stressful.

How come you never told me you were from Boston?

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I said I'd wait for you.

How much is this book?

I'm waiting to hear from her.

I'm going to fix you up with Rudy.

I've given you the information you asked for.

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The roads are slippery.


Get her some food.


German Shepherds are good at sniffing out drugs.


We're running away.

I guess this is goodbye.

This check is payable to the bearer.


Lois isn't taking a vacation this year.

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Loss of health is more serious than loss of money.

Is it hard to learn Esperanto?

Alf and Tovah are problem solvers.

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I'm really, really tired.

We're going to work tonight.

She wrote about it in her diary.

Lea wore gloves to avoid leaving his fingerprints on the murder weapon.

She is not as tough as she seems.

Only hope can keep me together now.

The problem is not worth consideration.

We'll have a great time in Boston.

I forgot to buy the textbook.

You ought not to stay up so late.

All apples are red.

How can I make it easier for you?

I want to win for once.

I will buy you a new word processor.

She wants a divorce.

We skied down to Chamonix.

Sofia works in Singapore for a London-based company.

The baseball season opens before long.

Don't mention Cyrus.


Let's leave tonight.

The story was very interesting.

The store is open from nine to six.

After a while, corn flakes in milk will become soggy.

They've turned on us.


This book isn't worth reading.


I'm shocked you could make such an accusation.

The coach has proven himself.

What size shoes do you wear?

He feeds his rabbits three times a day: morning, noon and evening.

You idiot!


I used to be cool.


It's time to begin.


Bernie comes here every single day.


"It's really hot today, isn't it?" "Yeah, it sure is."

I'm so sorry about what I did. I wish I could just crawl into a hole and die.

Somebody attacked me.


I don't think I can do that.

The man shot three birds with a gun.

Starbuck is attentive.


The human body is composed of billions of small cells.


Unfortunately, that's correct.

You gain insight into key areas that can help you make strategic decisions.

I don't think I snore, but I'm not really sure.

I need a job.

His speech was enthusiastically applauded.


I don't know why in my dreams, she isn't there. Maybe she doesn't want to be there not to disturb me.


Keith looked surprised, as well.