Tyler is not dumb.

Jesus used to eat a lot of meat.

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I know what this is.

Our friendship will last a long time.

I'd never dream of it.

Hiroyuki was surprised that Mariou already knew about what happened.

I'm going to tell Loyd the truth.

Hitoshi was down with the flu all last week.

I suppose that's impossible.

Daryl had trouble believing that Kory actually liked him.

The music has been mastered so loud for that album, that even non-audiophiles have complained about it.

Wes didn't have to thank us.

He knows how to play poker.

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Give him some time.

You didn't call me.

The cat is eating the mouse.

What else did you expect?

Where they burn books, they will eventually burn people.

Did you fix the scanner?

Losing his wife drove him to steal.


Ralf may be at the library.

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Those who lived in that country could not speak out against their leaders.

Those Hungarian girls are very pretty.

Thou wilt come to the brawling stream, not falsely named.

Joubert told Theodore not to swim there.

Some people are fools, and I am one of them.

I did it myself.

I used to eat pizza, but now I don't.

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My fingertips are frozen.


How is it going with her?

Damon isn't fine.

There were twenty or so people there.

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Joachim can take a break if he wants.


People born in January, February, and March, please gather over here.

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The job comes with a lot of fringe benefits.

Let's go back up there.

Your arms are longer than mine.


She is overly competitive.


I owe ten dollars to her.

Patricia approached the house.

I'm sure Bobbie means well.

Kumi is the girl whose father likes dogs.

Rand's dog barks a lot.

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Norbert's doctor advised him to stop drinking.

I'm the office manager of a small law firm.

Go home quickly.

I think I know what this means.

The magazine declares a new king of hipster "music" every two weeks.

It's a fundamental human desire.

Ask me anything hard today.

You'll see her.

Sid is better at speaking French than any of his classmates.


Do you still miss Lord?

My father always reads the newspaper before breakfast.

We have only one lesson today.


Are you responsible for all of this?


We should've gotten up earlier.

Laurel sent an email to Patrick.

It was annoying, as the manager took his team to a near-miss in the tournament.

Their job is to bind books.

Whenever she comes back from a journey, she brings a gift for her daughter.

Bernard has no intention of leaving Boston.

Please give me some ice for the water.

They want her back.

The house is situated on the top of the hill.

Then what is this I wonder? If it isn't dodgy door-to-door sales then could it be a new kind of pickup technique for the ladies?

I didn't mean to offend you.

You'll have to ask Cristopher if you want to know the answer.

Pilar is half asleep.

Metin ate the last slice of bread so Mason had nothing to eat.

I don't spend the whole day on Facebook.

Can you see it?

Leave the room.


You've got to apologize to him.

We always shout when we are angry.

There are some depressions in the road.

There was nothing Richard could've done to prevent the accident.

Isn't that interesting?

The quarter master was standing on deck, contemplating the scene of tranquillity around him : the blue waters seemed to invite him to a refreshing bath, and he was soon undressed; and, mounting on the barricade, plunged into the sea.

He wants that a lot.

This will forever change how you think about your own thinking.

This is my first time, so I'm a little nervous.


A drop of sweat ran down his cheek.

I wish Edmond hadn't kissed me in public.

Our classroom is very small.

Stop moving.

I know we have some work to do.

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This is twice as large as that.


I'm not sure what they want.

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I entered my daughter in a girl's school.

Can you get me in there?

I can't believe I did it.


Randal has been living here since 2013.

They had been defeated in battle.

Dreams can make me crazy.

It's the best job in the world!

What's wrong with your dog?

I doubt if Bob will come on time.

We met her by accident.

We decided that we'd go in our car and they'd take theirs.

In footnotes, book titles and journal names are written in italics.

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We're Hungarians.

You're just a thief like me.

The climate here is very mild, so it seldom snows here even in the winter.

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Have you ever eaten chocolate-covered popcorn?

This boy is lazy.

I am being guided.

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She is a bitch.

Sanjay said he couldn't breathe.

I can't believe Dominic didn't come.


Seth's passport has expired.


What cultural differences did the author find in working with Dutch and American students?


Be careful in there.

Your accusation is preposterous.

He came again after a week.

Could you hear what was being said?

Thousands of migrants decided to walk from Budapest in Hungary to Austria.


It's very unlikely that any evidence will turn up to prove Louis's guilt.

What did she mean?

The shopkeeper let this cloth go for almost nothing.

Let's hope Heather is listening.

He illustrated the theory with facts.


Do you think you can get me to Union Station by a quarter after?

The voices calling for Wulff to resign are getting louder and louder.

A lot of flowers begin to bloom in spring.

It is difficult to find a well paid permanent job.

I would rather stay at home than go out.

I decided to leave the school.

I wanted to be alone.

I don't think Harry is going to need our help.

Eddie had to rent a car.

I sure am glad you weren't hurt.

Fear no more the boss's bark, nor all the union steward's rages.


He came across her at the station.

All things considered, he led a happy life.

I have heard nothing else from him yet.

I don't think we've actually met.

I haven't heard from Mwa since he moved to Boston.

She asked for your help.

Hello and bye! I'm Nonong.

You're really beautiful.

Thank you for this wonderful gift.

The boy is always mocked by his classmates.

I think Butler is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

I want to know who threw the first punch.

I decided to visit the United States on this account.


Diane is your half-sister too, George.


I wish I could swim as fast as Lucifer.

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Valerie used to play the banjo when he was younger.


I'm anxious for him to return safe.


There's still so much I want to say to Kevan.

You are foolish to say such a thing.

It won't be much longer.

May I borrow that book from you?

Phil couldn't shake the feeling that something profound was about to happened.


You seem kind of quiet today.

Water and oil don't mix.

She cooks for him every day.

The last letter is mine.

Say hi to your father for me.

It's not just that.

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, of the next generation.

I was embarrassed by his bad manners.

Your idea addresses everything.